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Workout Tips from a Celebrity Fitness Trainer
September 2, 2021 at 4:00 AM
Follow these tips from a celebrity fitness trainer.

Working out is an essential part of living a healthy life. Regular exercise improves your heart health, counteracts mental and emotional disorders, and increases your chances of living a longer, more productive life. However, it can also be intimidating and complicated for someone who is just getting started.

The celebrity fitness trainer here at Bmorefitbody POSSE understands how beneficial exercise is, and I want to break down any barriers that may be holding you back from committing to a workout routine. That’s why I’m sharing these helpful tips for anyone who wants to learn more about exercising properly.

Celebrity fitness trainer’s workout advice.

Understand the different types of exercise routines.

Exercise is a broad term that encompasses various types of workouts, and understanding the differences between each can help you decide which one is best suited to meet your goals.

Strength training.

Also known as resistance training, this is used to build muscle and tone your entire body. It could be lifting weights, using resistance bands, or your own body weight to exercise different muscles in your body.

Interval training.

This type of workout is where you alternate high-intensity periods of exercise with low-intensity ones within a single activity. One example would be sprinting for two minutes, walking for two minutes, and repeating. It’s a helpful way to prolong a workout and burn calories.

Cardio and aerobic exercise.

These are great ways to bolster your heart health and improve your lung capacity. Essentially, aerobic workouts are anything that gets you out of your chair and moving around. It can be running, swimming, walking, dancing, hiking, or yoga.

Find a workout buddy.

Even the most famous celebrity fitness trainers have days where they struggle to find the motivation and energy to work out, but one way you can avoid this type of slump is to have a partner you exercise with. This creates a sense of accountability and can give you extra motivation during your workout.

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