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Our holistic personal coaching services

The POSSE Process focuses on whole-person wellness for guaranteed results.
All-ages fitness training in Baltimore
Bmorefitbody POSSE offers healthy lifestyle coaching for whole-person wellness

The POSSE has a winning track record of producing amazing, life-changing results efficiently and consistently. If you want to change your life and feel better about yourself, the POSSE is looking for you. Your health and wellness are truly your most valuable assets. That's why the POSSE focuses on results and outcomes.

Your presentation is truly your brand, and there is no downside to a fit, beautiful, and inspiring brand.

If you are ready to get started, select a program and contact Bmorefitbody. Our celebrity trainer has over 30 years of experience working with celebrities, professional athletes, collegiate athletes, working professionals, doctors, and the top gyms across the country.

Every package below includes the entire range of POSSE services. The packages determine the number of sessions. All POSSE members are welcome to participate in all Zoom Workshops and outdoor group workouts when weather permits.

I accept payments through Zelle:


  • $450 per month
    Includes two Zoom group workouts and two semi-private 30-minute workouts in the studio or on Zoom every week.
  • $300 per month
    Includes two Zoom group workouts and one semi-private 30-minute workout on Zoom every week.
  • $200 per month
    Includes four Zoom group workouts every week.
  • $150 per hour
    Get faster results with private one-on-one training in the studio.

Join the POSSE!
Your future health is up to you–get a customized fitness program that guarantees results!

The hours of operation are 6-9 during mornings and 5-8 in the evenings for semi-private and group sessions. Private sessions are by appointment only.

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