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How to maintain your personal fitness routine
June 21, 2022 at 12:30 AM
How to maintain your personal fitness routine

Working out once is easy. Even working out for a week or a month is doable. The challenge of personal fitness comes from transforming your mentality to make working out a permanent part of your life. Motivation is usually high at the start of a personal fitness journey. But by the second or third month, most people begin to skip workouts or stay away from the gym for entire weeks. Once you meet the challenge of getting in shape, you may wonder how to stay in shape by turning your personal fitness routine into a lifelong habit.

Don’t do it on your own.

The decision to get a personal trainer when you first start working out is an easy one. However, if you’ve hit a slump in your motivation, it’s a great time to re-up your trainer package. Don’t try to grind through your workout, especially if you’re not enjoying them anymore. Be honest with your trainer about what’s working for you and what isn’t.

Rather than gritting your teeth through treadmill cardio, a trainer can help you find activities and classes that are more engaging and get you excited about fitness. A trainer will also bring an outside perspective to your lifestyle and pinpoint aspects of your routine and nutrition that may hold you back from achieving your goals.

Add more variety to your workout schedule.

Some people enjoy the predictability of a regular workout schedule. But it might be time to incorporate new activities into your routine if you’re dragging your feet on the way to the exercise bike or weight room.

Spin classes, High-Intensity Interval Training, gym rock walls, and Crossfit are all new approaches to working out that can help you out of a slump. When you’re excited about new challenges, your body will be more engaged in the activity, delivering results that may have been lacking from your usual routine.

Keep setting new goals.

Often when people set a single fitness goal, such as an amount of weight loss, or performance improvement, their motivation disappears once they achieve it. As you work towards your current goals, think about where you’d like to go next once you reach them.

Maybe following weight loss, you want to put on some muscle mass, improve your cardio endurance, or learn a new sport. Personal fitness is a lifelong journey, and by always setting new goals, you’ll always have a reason to go to the gym.

Find your internal motivation for personal fitness.

When individuals externalize their fitness goals, such as losing weight for a wedding or bulking up