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Why you and your partner need a couples personal trainer
October 8, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Why you and your partner need a couples personal trainer

It’s not uncommon for couples to decide to make lifestyle changes and get in shape together. While personal goals are often different, the method of reaching those goals is typically the same. With help from a couples personal trainer, you can start on your fitness journey and work out together. If you’ve never considered working out with your partner, our team at Bmorefitbody POSSE has a few reasons why you should.

Quality time together

Couples don’t always get to spend the quality time together that they’d like. Between running kids to extracurricular activities, working, and taking care of housework, date nights sometimes take a back seat. Not to say that working out together is the only way to spend time together, but it’s guaranteed time that you get to have on your own without the kids or other people.

More accountability

The more people you have around to hold you accountable for your goals, the better off you’ll be. Between your trainer and your significant other, you’ll have more help with the accountability part of getting to the gym for your workouts and sticking to your nutrition plan. Your partner can help you to make sure that you’re waking up and getting to the gym on time and not taking too many cheat days on your diet plan.

More motivation

When you see others around you having success, it encourages you to be successful on your own. Watching your partner reach their goals is a great way to find the motivation that you need to continue to push through the hard work and make the effort to meet your goals. You can also provide extra motivation for your partner as you push them in their efforts. Your collaborative efforts will help you make more progress together than you’d be able to on your own.

Added support

No matter what it is we’re doing, support goes a long way to stay motivated. While some people can thrive when people are pushing back against their goals, they’re the outliers in this case. Having support from those around you goes a long way to continue to motivate you through your progress. Keep in mind that it’s not going to be easy to get to the gym every day and you won’t feel good about how all of your workouts end. Having an extra support system in place will help you to keep going and push through to your goals.

Greater appreciation for workouts

Working out can get boring and predictable. If you’ve ever experienced this, you’re not alone. It can be difficult to continue to push through week after week as you have the same gym routine. When you’re able to work out with your partner, you’ll have a greater appreciation for your time at the gym or going on runs. This can be another source of motivation that gets you out of bed to get moving in the morning and pushing the extra rep on the weights as this time will be more enjoyable than before.

Reach out to get started

Get started with a couples personal trainer so you can work together to reach your fitness goals. Our team at Bmorefitbody POSSE can work with you and your partner to create unique fitness plans. Get in touch by calling 443-418-4242 or send a message using our online contact form. We look forward to working with you and your significant other.