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What to expect with the first in-home personal trainer session
January 4, 2022 at 8:00 AM
A woman doing sit ups at hoe.

Being your best self takes some help, especially when optimizing your health and wellness. However, finding reliable help is difficult. Luckily, with Bmorefitbody Posse's in-home personal trainer, that is easier than ever. We found our training services on over 25 years of industry experience. We are committed to helping clients live better lives through tailored programs. Moreover, our experience working with the stars means you get the star treatment.

Here is what to expect with your first session:

Fitness assessment

Firstly, expect your in-home personal trainer in Baltimore to conduct a fitness assessment. This assessment is crucial to determining your limitations and devising an effective, personalized plan.

Trainers sometimes break up these comprehensive assessments into two separate sessions. Assessment methods vary, but they typically include evaluating your:

  • Posture
  • Functional fitness
  • Movement
  • Flexibility
  • Blood pressure
  • Cardio
  • Body composition

Ultimately, fitness assessments help trainers understand where you are physically and what you need to do to reach your targets. More importantly, this is the only way to establish measurable, realistic goals to track progress.

At Bmorefitbody Posse, we evaluate clients the same way we evaluate celebrities. If you have questions, I have answers.

Discussing goals and getting acquainted

After a fitness assessment, you and your in-home personal trainer will establish goals and get to know each other. This phase dictates the trajectory of your health and the specifics of your program.

Discussing goals includes discussing why you want to work with a trainer, what you want to accomplish and why, and how achieving these goals will impact your lifestyle. Being transparent and realistic is crucial to your success.

Allocate time to ruminate and write your goals before the session, and ensure you actively engage in the conversation and stay receptive to your trainer’s input. Remember, "getting in shape" is not a great goal.

Focus on measurable targets, like rehabbing injuries, losing weight, or improving cardio. Set short and long-term goals, and be candid about your workout and health history. Disclose all injuries and illnesses, and provide an overview of your lifestyle, work routine, diet, and more.

At Bmorefitbody Poss