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What equipment do you need for in-home fitness training?
March 30, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Home gym equipment by ProsourceFit dumbbells and Mizuno sneakers

For many people, working out in a gym or fitness club isn’t possible or plausible, whether it's due to location, schedule, or preference. Working out at home can be just as effective, however, as long as you have the right equipment.

Bmorefitebody has helped thousands of people transform their lives while working out from home. Here is some insight to help you filter through the seemingly-endless variety of in-home fitness training equipment and choose what works best for you.

Know your goals and interests

Whatever type of exercise you enjoy doing or can see yourself doing long-term, will determine what equipment to buy in the beginning. If you don’t enjoy running, a treadmill won’t be a good investment. Your goals will also determine your equipment needs. Don’t buy equipment that doesn’t contribute to your desired fitness results.

Variety & versatility

With exercise, consistency is important, but so is variety. A good workout plan involves a mix of cardio and strength training. The equipment you purchase should also be versatile so you can use it for multiple purposes.

Add as you go

It might be tempting to spend a lot of money right off the bat when you’re motivated and excited. However, you’ll likely end up with expensive equipment that you don’t use. Start with the basics, then add equipment as your skills and goals evolve. If there’s a particular exercise you love, start there and build from there.

Here is a list of in-home fitness training equipment recommended by trainers.


  • exercise mat or yoga mat
  • resistance bands
  • stability ball or balance board
  • workout bench, step-bench, or box
  • ab wheel
  • gliding discs
  • stopwatch or timer

Strength training

  • suspension trainer
  • dumbbells
  • kettlebells
  • medicine ball
  • pull up bar
  • weighted vest


  • jump rope
  • mini trampoline
  • spin bike
  • treadmill
  • rowing machine

Design your space for success

A key to staying motivated and consistent is having a home workout space where you actually want to spend time. If a dark, uninviting basement or cold garage doesn’t motivate you, spruce it up to make it more inviting and feel-good. Add lights, speakers, a full-length mirror, motivational posters, a device to stream live workouts, or whatever else gets you in the mood and keeps you inspired.

Stick with it

While working out from home is convenient, it also can also require more discipline than physically going to the gym. There are more distractions and less accountability, so it’s really important to find exercises and equipment that you enjoy.

The best home gym in the world won’t do anything for you if you’re not consistent. Joining an online fitness community or streaming daily workouts can help with motivation, consistency, and keeping your workouts fresh. Or…

Hire a personal trainer

Working with a personal trainer can help you achieve your fitness goals from home. A trainer can either come to your home or meet with you virtually, several times a week or once a month just to check in and keep you on track. Whatever your preference, a personal trainer will help you maximize your in-home workouts.

The Bmorefitbody POSSE Process was designed by celebrity personal trainer Coach James to produce amazing, life-changing results efficiently and consistently.

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