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What do personal trainers do to help you lose weight?
February 1, 2022 at 7:00 AM
What do personal trainers do to help you lose weight?

Losing weight can be a challenge. For some, the weight seems to melt off, while others have trouble losing a few pounds gained during a holiday. If you’re trying to lose weight and haven’t had much success, you might have had friends suggest hiring a personal trainer. It’s normal to be skeptical if you’ve never worked with a trainer and wonder what do personal trainers do to help you lose weight? At Bmorefitbody POSSE, we believe in personal trainers and can help you see the benefit of hiring one for your fitness journey. Read our guide below to learn about a few things your trainer can do for you as you try to lose weight.

Create a personalized fitness plan

Exercising is essential to losing weight. Yes, you can lower your food intake throughout the day and lose weight. However, sustainable weight loss comes from exercise. Building muscle mass will increase your metabolism so you can eat more and not have to worry about cutting so many calories from your diet. Furthermore, muscles burn calories, so they don’t get stored in your body as additional fat tissue. The fat tissue that you already have will be burned during workouts as they’re energy storage waiting for your body to use.

Your trainer can help you put together a personalized fitness plan that will fit your needs and limitations. For instance, if you have three days each week to get a workout, your trainer will put together a plan that will accommodate your schedule. Additionally, if you’re trying to build lean muscle while you slim down rather than bulk up, a trainer will give you specific workouts so you can meet your goals.

Provide nutrition advice

Nutrition should be as much a part of any fitness plan as anything else you’re considering. You can work out for hours each day, but you won’t see positive results if you don’t change your eating habits. Your personal trainer can help you put together a nutrition plan that meets any dietary constraints or preferences you have. The nutritional aspect of your fitness plan will help create sustainable habits that will help you keep the weight off once you lose it.

Offer motivation

Sticking with your weight loss plan isn’t easy. There are plenty of temptations that will pop up along the way that will make you want to fall back into old habits. Whether it’s staying home and binging your favorite show instead of going to the gym or eating a bug cheeseburger instead of your chicken salad, it’s easy to let your new habits fall by the wayside. Your personal trainer is there to help keep you motivated to stick to the plan. They can always show you the progress you’ve made toward your goals, help you realize how far you’ve come, and even help you push through that last rep at the end of a workout. The motivation offered by your trainer will go a long way to helping you break bad habits and create new ones.

Hold you accountable

It can be difficult to hold yourself accountable when there’s no one else to answer to. It can be anything from saving money to having an extra cheat meal to skipping a day at the gym. If there’s not someone there to report to for your workout, you can easily skip, and none will be the wiser. With a personal trainer, you have someone to report to. The last thing you want to do is stand someone up when you’re supposed to meet them at the gym or get online to work out. Even sending a text saying you’re staying in bed isn’t enough because your trainer knows what to say to help you get out of bed and get ready for your workout.

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