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The most popular personal fitness goals for the new year
January 4, 2022 at 8:00 AM
A man at a bench press with an American flag in the background.

A new year means new possibilities. To maximize your success in the new year, setting personal fitness goals is essential. However, it is hard to identify and set goals, and it is even harder to accomplish them. Luckily, with Bmorefitbody Posse, you are in expert hands. We provide the same service to you that we provide the stars through unequaled, customized fitness plans and a dedication to helping you live a better life. Even better, we guarantee results. With us, you are the architect of your future and your health.

Here are common New Year's fitness goals:

General personal fitness goals

When considering personal fitness goals, some of the most popular targets are more generic. Overall, general fitness goals trend toward long-term goals. Read more below:

Shedding fat

Shedding fat ranks among the most common fitness goals, especially after the holidays. However, to see results, it is crucial to seek counsel to modify your lifestyle, workout routine, and diet from a personal trainer.

Building muscle

Not everyone has weight issues. Many people enter the new year aiming to build muscles. Typically, this involves long weight-lifting sessions and increased protein intake. Consulting a personal trainer is critical to maximize gains and prevent injury.

Improving endurance

For some, simply enhancing endurance is their goal. Several exercises can improve endurance. Still, a personal trainer is the best route to see results. Afterward, scaling the stairs will feel less like a trek and more like a breeze.

Improving flexibility

People often forget to focus on their flexibility, but flexibility is vital to your overall fitness and health. Still, improving flexibility can be dangerous if you are untrained, so it is advisable to work under the guidance of a personal trainer.


If you are disinterested in building mass and have minimal fat to lose, toning is the perfect goal. However, toning requires extensive and granular dietary adjustments and considerable independent work.

Specific personal fitness goals

Alternatively, some people are entering the new year with specific goals. For optimal results, set both specific and general fitness goals. Specific goals are e