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Is it easier to lose weight with a personal trainer?
July 4, 2022 at 1:00 AM
Image of someone working with a personal trainer to lose weight in Baltimore.

It’s been hard to stay in shape the past couple of years. Even if you had a gym routine you loved pre-Covid, it might have been hard to get back into the swing of things when it reopened. There are plenty of reasons people drop their exercise habits. Maybe because they got busy at work, the holidays happened, or other things in their life took priority for a while. When you start putting on weight, it feels like your body is out of control. Grinding through cardio sessions in your gym every day and not seeing results will only amplify those feelings. Here are some reasons losing weight might be easier if you have a personal trainer.

Get the expertise of a professional

Losing weight seems like it should be simple; move more, eat less. But you may not see the results you expect if you institute a restrictive crash diet and are grinding through cardio sessions at the gym. Everyone’s body is unique in the way it stores and burns fat. What works for your best friend or your family members may not help you shed a single pound.

A personal trainer can help you lose weight by identifying the most effective workouts for burning fat, given your goals and current fitness level.

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Change up your workout

If you’re bored during your workout, so is your body. When you do the same fitness routine every day, not only is it hard to keep your motivation up, but you can easily hit a wall as you work the same muscles in the same way.

But coming up with new workouts can be as challenging as the actual exercise. A trainer develops a monthly workout plan for you, so you don’t have to plan anything except to show up to the gym or Zoom session.

Get support to overcome setbacks

There’s nothing more frustrating than plateauing or, worse, gaining weight back during a fitness journey. Many people simply give up because what’s the point in enduring workouts if you’re not going to make progress.

A personal trainer can give you insight into why you may have backslides in your weight loss journey and help you change your strategies to get on track.

Join group workouts for camaraderie.

Everyone has a different workout style; some prefer to focus on their own journey and exercise alone with their trainer. However, a gym buddy can keep you on track to developing new gym habits.

Joining the occasional group class is a great way to change u