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How to Set Goals for Your Personal Coaching in Maryland
September 2, 2022 at 7:00 AM
How to Set Goals for Your Personal Coaching in Maryland

Personal trainers offer a wealth of knowledge to their clients — from preventing injuries to relaying the latest fitness techniques. But one of the best services they offer is helping clients set objectives to reach their fitness goals. That’s because when goals are properly defined, it fuels motivation for people to exceed and go beyond. Not to mention that it will keep personal training clients coming back for more.

Here are several strategies for setting personal coaching goals in Maryland:

1. Have a heart-to-heart with your clients

Sometimes, clients may be reluctant to speak up or share their goals. This could be because they believe they are too ambitious or are embarrassed about starting their fitness journey. Suppose a former high school soccer star wants to run a marathon, but they’ve put on 40 pounds. Or a client may wish to compete in weight lifting but are nervous about sharing their passions and goals with their trainer. Sitting down and having a conversation during your first session is essential to determine what your clients want to accomplish. You can pick up on conversational cues that might clue into what they want and maybe share your own journey to inspire theirs.

2. Find out your client's “why”

After discovering your client’s larger goals, talk with them about what the result would be if they were to achieve them. Why do they want to reach a particular milestone? As a personal trainer, some types of motivation work better than others. While the classic wanting to “look good” may be a reason for some, it’s not the reason for everyone. Understanding the “why” behind what they are trying to accomplish will help you motivate them and understand their goals.

3. Work backward

Once you know your client’s larger goal, you’ll need to work with them to create smaller, achievable goals to create a sense of progress. For example, if your client wants to run a marathon that’s six months away, work backward from there. Where does your client need to be in terms of running a week before the race? How about a month or three months before? Outline a plan of attack and map it on paper, so you both have a visual reminder of targets to hit.

4. Don’t be afraid to get creative

Some clients you work with may not have a goal, so be prepared to throw out some possibilities. Ask what they wish they could do now. Running a mile may seem like a momentous goal for some clients, while others may want to run five or six miles. Some people just don’t know where to start, so it’s important to ask questions and be creative.

5. Be ready to switch up the plan

Goals change, and that’s okay. It can be tricky to navigate at first, but as a personal trainer, you’ll need to recognize when momentum is sputtering. Sometimes goals are too lofty or seem too far in the future that your clients may decide it’s not worth the work.

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